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On English

April 27, 2008

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Copula, CD-R 2005

About duet speak English after the release of their two albums: the first – in three mini-CD-R, and second – on a regular Check. “Conspiracy” – not the word – zagaldeli. Internet edition napereboy praised Joe and Bonnie, The Wire otretsenziroval album admiration, and John Abby (owner of Erstwhile), invited the English festival at the famous upmarket ErstQuake.

There is no information on the label Copula, issued the discs (“copula” translates from Arabic as “antibody”). The album samples to the world through mail-order ErstDist. Soulseek Users can easily find Foster and download album for free (and with it – and record their live performances in Korea, video snipped of which lies on the site English).

There is a duet in game one interesting moment (which is not in solnike Foster) – the feeling of working together. Despite the limited space that is audible sound, despite his extreme (mostly) pisklyavost, it is present interchange, “give-and-take”. Only this is not about the exchange when, say, SOB tube creates blyamz guitar, which creates software hrusta outbreak, which unabated in unison trumpet – as a result we perceive a continuum of audio, the history of its evolution. There is no history and evolution, instead – unquestioning intervention alone layer of sound in the overall flow and an insistence on ousting of the flow itself. Music that with the passage of time does not develop, and vice versa – degenerates. Moreover, the process of degeneration occurs in a highly intuitive and look outside for almost uncontrollably.

Where did the same legs grow this music?

It seems to egoless improv English has nothing to do. In general EAI (electro-acoustic-improvisation) in its current form – a layer of serious culture in which music exists only on the presentation layer, the real artistic value is the same story concept. We do not have anything like English, this pure art, music – all, all the rest – rubbish, overboard.

There will also be a mistake to take English reduktsionistami (ie, improviser, came to replace the post-AMM improvu, and working more with the material than with form and structure). No, this too – if only because Joe Foster does not squirm speeches focusing on rye, not to crawl on indefinitely Cohesion Cohesion. In addition, the intensity and richness of the execution of his music sounds diametrically reduktsionizmu.

No not vtiskivaetsya English in schools framework / ideologies – music that does not cause any association with ideologies, and the people behind it, far from the desire of eternal potreschat. Freshness and its novelty – and the refusal of emphasis, and from the ideological justifications made. In vzaimovytesnenii sounds instead of their interaction. Horse-radish, protruding from the ring exhibitionist pants, instead of fancy charts and escapist landscapes.